SEO Webinar – Making SEO Strides in the Time of COVID

By EXCLUSIVE Insights Team

While everyone is home due to COVID-19 and shopping online more than ever, making sure your website is SEO-ready is likely at the top of your list. But how do you go about boosting your SEO performance? This informative webinar helps you answer that question with actionable takeaways for e-commerce strategies you can use during COVID-19. Do you have some content on your website, but you know it’s not optimized as much as it can be? Has your website needed an organizational overhaul even before the pandemic? Both concerns will impact your website’s ranking, and there’s most likely other areas where you can see improved SEO results during the coronavirus.

Discover opportunities to boost your rank on the search engine results page (SERP) during COVID-19 by better understanding SEO best practices based on the current e-commerce climate, website layout and content, search engine algorithms, keyword data research and consumer search behavior — all covered in this webinar.