This SEO Tool is the Foundation for a Content Competitive Advantage

By Priscilla Cornwell, Organic Search team
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Accurate and insightful keyword research can be invaluable. BrightEdge, the enterprise-level keyword tracking platform powered by an AI-learning engine, is the only platform that is capable of measuring content engagement across a SERP[1] in real time. The platform has a variety of features and functions, but the most noteworthy one is its Data Cube tool. The goal of this tool is to provide valuable insights that can formulate successful search and content strategies.

At EXCLUSIVE, we use the Data Cube tool to benefit many of our Organic Search clients by researching high-value topics that we can incorporate into our SEO strategies. The data can easily be filtered to find the most relevant results, but the most useful filters include total keyword universe results, keywords ranked on Page 1, keywords ranked between Pages 2 and 5 (low-hanging opportunities) and keywords ranked on position 5 or greater (within striking distance). On top of these filters, we can also identify long-tail keywords that perform well, rank-changes on a monthly basis and potential keywords gaps (by comparing with a competitor).

For example, a client in the beverage industry saw a 28 percent increase in ranked keywords on Page 1 after our team used BrightEdge to identify keyword gaps based on relevant competitors. We then used this newfound information to better optimize site content.

Based on this chart, we can see the progression of the client’s keyword universe following our strategy implementation (July 2018 to August 2018).

To break this down even further, we were able to identify that a majority of the existing Page 1 keywords were from video results, which we can reasonably attribute to an August 1, 2018 algorithm update. This prompted us to further analyze video opportunities by planning a video audit for the following month.

In another example, a local SEO client in the tourism industry saw a 74 percent increase in its total keyword universe, with a 140 percent increase on Page 1, a 91 percent increase on Page 2, and a 90 percent increase of keywords on Page 3.

By entering individual keywords or phrases into the Data Cube search bar, we are able to uncover search volume, keyword value, competition level and universal listing types. This is particularly useful for quick answer optimization and identifying potential content opportunities for our clients.

Shown in these results, we can identify that “margarita recipes” are a great opportunity for our beverage industry client.

Keyword tracking is not only vital for quick answers, but also for product titles and meta data. For a retail client, we were able to use the Data Cube tool to track the value between the keyword “flapper” and “cocktail” within their keyword strategy.

Keyword ranking results for “cocktail”

Keyword ranking results for “flapper”

As per the visual above, we can see that although this retail client ranks for more overall keywords featuring the word “cocktail,” they rank for more “flapper” keywords on the first page results. From this, we can see that there is more potential for “flapper” keywords, and if the client wishes to continue with “cocktail” descriptions, we should look into further increasing their visibility on the SERP.

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