SEO Tips from Google’s Matt Cutts

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Matt Cutts is one of Google’s leading engineers and he recently blogged about his experiences at this year’s WebmasterWorld show in Las Vegas:

My favorite overall moment was when a totally legit company ( stood up and asked for advice. Overall, their site was great: good architecture and very crawlable. They had lots of really good backlinks, including industry-specific links. But I could also tell that they’d been buying some backlinks. And they were buying backlinks from the exact same place as one of the earlier sites! At the point when in a minute of typing, I can say: you guys are both trying to buy backlinks, and I can tell that you’re buying them from the same network, and here’s an example page from where both of you are even on the same page, and it’s not doing you any good at all: that just made my day. Having a concrete demonstration is so much better than just making a claim, especially when one of the sites says beforehand that they’re not doing as well as they used to be.

Read the full post titled “Tell me about your backlinks” on Matt’s blog.