SEO Monday – Google's Query Deserves Freshness Formula

By Joe


Since today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I thought it would be a good time to explain Google’s QDF technology. First off, QDF stands for query deserves freshness. And what this is, is a formula that Google applies to certain searches based on a significant rise in news reports, blog posts, and search queries. When a certain trend is found to be on the rise, Google begins to alter the search results for a certain keyword or phrase.

To help prove this point…here is a graph provided by Google trends to show the recent rise in popularity for the term Martin Luther King Day. As you can see Google has noticed a significant spike in activity related to this query in the past couple weeks and has thus applied their QDF formula to serve up not only the most relevant but freshest topics. Let’s see what that looks like.

Here we visited Google and types in “Martin Luther King day”. As you may notice, these SERP results are quite different then your standard 1-10 results on most other days. Currently, Google is serving up the most recent news results as well as live twitter feeds in addition to their typical results. I personally think it’s a great experience on a day like today where I’m just curious about what people are thinking in reflection of such an important topic.

So how is Google doing this? Basically, Google utilizes two of their main strengths to give users an optimal experience on popular topics: those strengths are analyzing data trends and serving up high quality information. When their Google Trends monitor spikes, these queries are deems QDF’s or queries that deserve freshness. In comes the newest news articles and live twitter posts. Yet another reason why we all love Google.

I think there are many opportunities for business owners to exploit this technology by connecting their promotions and products to popular topics. For example, you may twitter about a Martin Luther King Day Sale on Furniture. You may have a line of Martin Luther King Jr t-shirts in your unique t-shirt store that gets promoted in your tweets. Maybe you wanted to offer vacation discounts for Martin Luther King Day weekend and mentioned it daily in your twitter account. As long as you know that Google is giving you a lemon, it’s your job to turn it into lemonade.
So in ending, keeping track of changes in Google’s algorithm can be a daunting task. With our Advanced SEO program, we help consult with our clients on all these changes that they can be capitalizing on. Give us a call if you are interested in getting an SEO audit from us to determine whether or not your core SEO program is also up-to-date with the current algorithm. Following QDF’s and SEO trinkets are fun and may even prove to be profitable for some, but your core program is what matters the most.

I hope you found that helpful – tomorrow with be another daily video from our PPC Tuesday series. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!