Search Stats

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Share of online search submissions by engine in July:

Google Sites 36.5%
Yahoo! Sites 30.5%
MSN-Microsoft Sites 15.5%
AOL/Time Warner Network 9.9%
Ask Jeeves 6.1%
InfoSpace Network 0.9%
All Other 0.6%

The number of total online searches grew 22% from July 2004 to July 2005, reaching 4.8 billion.

In July 2004, Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Time Warner (AOL), Ask Jeeves, and InfoSpace got 98.5% of total searches. In July 2005 they got 99.4%.

MSN outgrew the search engine competition with 30% more searches this July compared to last.

11% of searches were conducted via toolbars in July (compared to 8% last July), and 51% of the toolbar searches originated in a Yahoo! Toolbar.

Source: comScore