Search Marketing and Beyond

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Cory Treffiletti thinks the true power of search is yet to come. He sees it spilling over into other platforms and devices so that we will one day be able to search for shows on TV the way we search for keywords in a search engine, or search for physical items we’ve misplaced through product tags.

The new search technologies will create new advertising opportunities that will be highly targeted and will enable instant response from the user.

all digital media can be paused and allow the consumer to respond to media right away. Consumers will be rewarded for their impulse actions, knowing they won’t miss anything at all. They will now be able to make decisions faster than previously possible. (MediaPost)

Many analysts have pointed out that downloadable content allows users to skip over most ads, a big disadvantage to the advertiser. But Cory takes a different approach, suggesting that the ability of the user to pause and restart content, combined with the technology to respond immediately, may actually help advertisers.

The key to winning customers in any of these new platforms will be not only to include ads in the new technology but to include ads that are innovative in form and in content. Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts thinks the advertising business is completely lost right now. He describes it a place where “there are no rules, there are no formulae, there is no best practice???. Roberts thinks that consumers are immune to “rational, reasoned information???, and advertisers should abandon this approach altogether, saying, “the future belongs to those who can make emotional connections in the market.??? (AdAge)

If Roberts is right, marketers who succeed in establishing instant emotional ties with consumers will be able to create instant customers through new technology.