Search Engine News

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Web publishers are struggling to compete with search engines for advertising. Will AdValiant come to their rescue with their contextual ad tool? Here’s how it works:

a small contextual ad for online car loans appears when a user scrolls over underlined phrases such as “car purchase” on Marketers also could prompt Web users to sign up for e-newsletters or fill out an application. (DMNews)

Do a search on the searchers: Gnosh is a meta-search engine that will give you the results from Google, Yahoo, MSN, Flickr,, IceRocket, Google Blog Search, and Amazon in one place. (WebProNews)

Gord Hotchkiss asks whether our use of search engines will eventually transform our language into a no-frills, “SearchSpeak??? version of English. Like most of us, he’s finding that the computer has no need for much of what we say and write:

I wanted to know what time zone Atlanta is in today. I went to Google and typed, “What is the local time in Atlanta?” Google truncated my query to “local time Atlanta.” Of the seven words I typed, four were unnecessary.

I guess English does have a lot of unnecessary words, but I’m still not ready to start talking like a robot. Not for another couple weeks anyway. (MediaPost)