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By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Bill Wise and Dave Pasternack want to shift the focus of SEO from ROI to growth.

Thou shalt read the Ten Commandments of SEO.

Search engines are gathering more local information to better respond to the growing demand for city- and neighborhood-specific searches for things like maps, restaurants and taxis. From

Local search will cause “the boundary between online and offline (to) slowly dissolve,” said Barnaby Dorfman, who heads up’s local-search efforts. Web users might someday have pictures in their heads of storefronts they saw, for instance, but not quite recall if they laid eyes on them physically or via BlockView. It will all be one world, he said.

Local businesses couldn’t be happier:

“Google is far and away my bread and butter,” said Kormendy, who jump-started his company with one leased taxi and now oversees a fleet of two dozen cabs. “Without them, I would not be in business now. I would not have survived.”

This editorial by Chris Boggs describes the ever-growing complexity of SEM