Round up October 14

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Winding down a rainy week in Boston town, here are some interesting links to catch up.

Web enjoys year of biggest growth. In 2005, 17 million sites already added, more than at the height of the dot com boom. The web is so big, even the BBC doesn’t capitalize it anymore.

You’re probably using RSS and you don’t know it.

The Google Watch

Is Google Wallet coming closer?

All about 1% of profits and equity can go a long way.

Google uses blogs for issue management and crisis communications.

From Inside Google, Google adds tagging.

I want this for my PDA, NYC Subway Flash Overlay for Goggle Maps.

Palm unveils a $99 color PDA.

A new search engine – Congoo – will give users premium content, for free.

Writeboard, an easy to use wiki that allows you to write, share, revise, compare web-based text documents. Perfect for collaborating on a proposal or a book.

On Yahoo blog search. Om Malik says, Too Little, Too Soon. Niall Kennedy says Yahoo is currently focused on RSS feeds only.

Microsoft’s singing Rhapsody and it only cost them $460 million upfront.

AT&T solves VoIP’s 911 issue. Just how do 911 operators know where to send the ambulance?

Would you pay Comcast $17 to watch a new movie in your home and as part of the deal got the DVD in the mail a few days later? That’s what Comcast is proposing to the Hollywood studios.

Thin electronic labels could help brand positioning. Videos on the supermarket shelves!

“Very beautiful and very thin,” said Steve Jobs about Apple’s video iPod.

Motorola announces marketing agreement with the Podcast Network.

From PR Week, 10 Media Trends to Watch.

A VC in NYC turns their website into a blog, saying “Better late than never.”

Inquisitor search engine seriously cool and built with AJAX.

From the U.K., Musical breast implants will make some people happy. I’m gobsmacked.