Website Replatforming and Migration Planning (Podcast and Resources)

By Administrator

Exclusive Concepts President Scott Smigler joined Accorin’s Frank Thomson and Graham Lubie, along with BigCommerce’s Dan Fertig, for a comprehensive discussion about website replatforming and migration.

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, major site changes like replatforming and migration are massive projects that require the utmost care. A single bad decision or omission in the process can disrupt an eCommerce website or destroy a site’s organic rank. Join these eCommerce experts as they discuss customer experience, digital marketing, SEO, capabilities and integrations, and of course, avoiding replatforming pitfalls.

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BONUS RESOURCE: Download “Replatforming Hell: 12 Site Migration Blunders to Avoid.” This user-friendly guide can help you stave off ranking loss, indexing issues, and costly SEO mishaps. It’s a must for maintaining (and enhancing) performance when replatforming or migrating your website.