Product Ads That Drive Sales on Google & Amazon: The Playbook for Sales Growth (Webinar on Demand)

By Marcel Deer
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Whether you missed our recent webinar, Product Ads That Drive Sales on Google & Amazon: The Playbook for Sales Growth, or you’d like to rewatch to make sure you didn’t miss anything, you’re in luck. We’ve got the recording and the slides available now. Get the content here.

Why Tune In?

There’s no two ways about it: when it comes to eCommerce marketing, Google and Amazon rule the roost. 

Strategizing the best way to use ads on these channels requires a fair degree of nuance and skill, both of which need a solid, in-depth understanding of how brands represent themselves, how you want your customers to feel, and how to plan and execute a killer product ad strategy that drives conversions rather than just clicks and impressions.

The 3 Core Elements of Product Ads That Drive Sales on Google & Amazon: The Playbook for Sales Growth

The webinar, in brief, focuses on three key aspects of the Google/Amazon product ad experience:

Custom Strategies

As of March 2021, Amazon has a staggering 75 million + products available on its marketplace. What does that mean for a seller looking to break into the top sales charts?

In two words: customized strategies. The nature of modern eCommerce means that each product has several variables in play — everything from your product materials to your geographical location and even the color and instructions language of your products. 

In order to play to your strengths and your competitor’s disadvantages, a custom ad strategy can pay off immensely.

Deep Playbook

As your organization continues to scale up in size, it’s important to ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands the game plan of your advertising efforts.

This webinar shines a light on how to accomplish this using a deep playbook, illustrating market strategy, investment distribution strategy, and other key ways to capitalize on every inch of ad space you can get your hands on.

Cutting-Edge Technology

In the world of digital sales, data is the most reliable, accurate ammunition you can use. Take a look at how various, even unexpected, sources of data can bring key business insights, competitive price intelligence, and a host of other benefits to your marketing plans.

A Look Under the Hood

Understanding the relationship between SEO, ad performance, and Amazon rankings can be overwhelming. Where do you begin?

This webinar is that very starting point you need. From learning how to sync your brand communication, get your team working on the same playbook, and align your strategies along the best ROI route for Amazon and Google’s ad platforms, there’s something of value for anyone in the world of eCommerce.

Watch the Webinar to Understand These Concepts and More

  • Achieving Alpha’ with your business
  • How to match strategy synthesis to your product types
  • Determining your brand persona
  • Crafting your deep playbook
  • Aligning search terms to marketing objectives
  • How to make smart choices in the future of advertising
  • The benefits of accurate ranking reports

Crafting a playbook for your advertising efforts can make the difference between a lackluster campaign and one that’s high-performing. Product Ads That Drive Sales on Google & Amazon: The Playbook for Sales Growth is free to watch and even comes with slides to help you share the message with your team.

Next Steps

When it comes to product ads campaigns on Amazon and Google, EXCLUSIVE clients continually outperform the industry and the competition. Our data-driven approach and our holistic efforts that include SEO, email marketing, social ads, and more combine to create exponential value for eCommerce brands looking to grow. To see what EXCLUSIVE can do for your brand, contact us or get your FREE eCommerce growth analysis.