Online Stats

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Forrester shows us why succeeding online is a necessity for retailers:
U.S. online retail sales this holiday season are forecasted to hit $18 billion, 25% more than last year

2.5 million new households will shop online in 2005

From ClickZ:
Percentage of US homes with a web-connected computer:
1997: 18%
2001: 50%
2003: 55%

95% of US homes earning over $100K have a computer.
41% of US homes earning under $40K have a computer.

Percentage of children who have computer access at home:
1993: 32%
2003: 76%

83% of American children use a PC at school.

7% of adults used the web to get news in 1997 compared with 40% in 2003.

The West is the most wired region of America at 67%. The least wired is the South at 52%.

And from AOL, this year’s top 5 Halloween costume searches:
1. Star Wars Costumes
2. Pirate Costumes
3. Tinkerbell Costumes
4. Fairy Costumes
5. Wonder Woman Costumes