Online Stats

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Top-performing keywords on

1. vacuum cleaners
2. air conditioners
3. washing machines
4. TV
5. refridgerator
(Source: DMNews)

Percentage of internet usage among total population in the Council of the Baltic Sea States (which seems to include many countries that are nowhere near the Baltic Sea):

Iceland 76.5
Sweden 73.6
Denmark 69.5
Norway 68.2
Finland 62.6
Germany 57
Estonia 49.8
Latvia 35.1
Lithuania 28.2
Poland 27.8
Russia 15.5

While they trail the others in overall internet pentetration, Russia, Lithuania and Poland led in user growth from 2000 to 2005.
(Source: ClickZ)

Gift Card Stats:
According to a First Data Corp. survey, 39% of those who intend to buy gift cards this year will buy them online

18% plan to use a gift card to buy online this year

56% of gift card users spend more than the initial value of the card they received.
(Source: InternetRetailer)

Coors’ marketing efforts paid off recently: traffic increased 285% in one week (Source: ZDNet)