Online Facts & Figures

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Top Websites
Leading internet sites in the third quarter of 2005 (with 3Q revenue and 3Q profits):

Time Warner (AOL) $10.5 billion $897 million
Disney (ABC) $7.7 billion $851 million
Google $1.6 billion $381 million
Yahoo! $1.3 billion $254 million
New York Times Co. $791 million $23.1 million

Online Shopping
Monday is the biggest day of the week for online holiday shopping
• Mondays in December produce 12% more search clicks than the average day
• Last year’s January sales volume matched December

Online Ad Revenue
Total online ad revenues in Q3 of 2005: $3.1 billion
Total online ad revenues in Q3 of 2004: $2.3 billion

Total online ad revenues for the year in 2004: $9.6 billion
Projected total for 2005: $12 billion
(Source: MediaPost)

Thanksgiving Search
Top 10 Thanksgiving course searches on AOL in November:
1) Turkey
2) Turducken
3) Fried Turkey
4) Pork Chops
5) Pot Roast
6) Ham
7) Lamb
8) Prime Rib
9) Brine Turkey
10) Roast Beef
Source: MediaPost

(If, like me, you’re wondering what turducken is, Wikipedia defines it as “a deboned turkey stuffed with a deboned duck, which itself is stuffed with a small deboned chicken???.)