Newspapers reincarnated

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

There’s been sympathy for the newspaper business lately due to the dwindling subscriber base for traditional papers. But they might not be doing too badly on the internet after all. In September 47.3 million people visited news sites, which is 31.9% of everyone online. That’s 15.8% more than last September. We can still read most newspapers online for free, so their main source of online revenue is advertising. Many are starting to charge subscription fees which will give them the same sources of revenue they had with the paper news. With the web replacing the paper boy they’ll obviously have a much wider reach and therefore could potentially earn much more than before. The question is, can they continue to compete when everyone has equal access to the distribution channels? So far, it seems, yes.

More stats on newspaper website use:
56% of readers are female
Only 10% are over 55
62% of internet users visit their local newspaper’s site for news
55% say they get news on Yahoo

(From the Newspaper Association of America)