New Reporting Update for Responsive Search Ads

By Kevin Brouder, Paid Search team
TOPICSFeatured, Google, Paid Search

Google’s Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) recently received an update that added some valuable reporting insights. Previously, Google told us that RSAs were constantly cycling through the given headlines in the ad to find the best and most profitable combinations. However, they hadn’t provided any functionality on how to actually see which of those combinations were most effective. Now we have access to a new window for RSAs called View Asset Details. In this screen, you can get info and analytics on which ad combinations were displayed and how often.

The new reporting metrics that are now available for RSA ad performance

This new view is only showing impression data currently, but it’s likely that click and conversion data will start being recorded in this view as well. This update definitely takes some of the mystery out of RSA performance and may persuade more users to begin testing that new ad type.