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By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Blogs are increasingly being used as a tool for businesses to improve both internal and external communications. They enable businesses to communicate with clients about industry trends, products and services and they also build traffic. Blogger Elizabeth Albrycht believes that blogs are the key to building networks:

A prime reason blogs are such good tools for network building is that they are link-heavy, and the link is the core technology for making networks visible. I believe the visibility of a network contributes to its effectiveness because that very visibility reinforces its presence and influence to its members.

The Dutch company Macaw boasts that 90% of their employees have their own individual blogs, and Anil Dash thinks all companies will soon have multiple blogs. He sees a clear advantage in having a variety of blogs:

What these blogs (and those of other companies with multiple blogs) have in common is a tight focus on a single audience and a sense of purpose that’s reflected in a single-topic blog. Whether it’s behind the firewall or to the world at large, having a single blog for each communication channel just makes sense, especially when good management tools let you keep track of all those conversations easily. Add in the power of organizing content using categories and distributing updates using feeds, and it’s more and more possible to get the right information to the right person where and when they want it.

A recent article in the San Antonio Express-News describes the growth of business blogs and predicts that blogs are here to stay:

Love them or hate them, business blogs will not go away and they threaten to shake up the way companies operate.

Read the full article here.

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