More Google Watch by popular demand

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Wow! Are they ever making money.

Google’s profit jumps in the third quarter more than seven fold while its revenue doubled. Its market cap is now over $100 billion! By comparison, the New York Times posted a 52% decline in revenue and its market cap is a tad under a lousy $4 billion. Any doubts that the future is the Internet?

Money and babies. Born on September 12, a little baby is named GOOGLE. Needless to say, he has what every baby needs – his own website.

Google’s latest PageRank update is on the way. Many web publishers are reporting changes in the Google algorithm.

Want to check your Page Rank, ProBlogger offers a future page rank tool, courtesy of SEO. Here’s another Pagerank check.

Very quietly, Google updates Froogle to look more like a comparison engine. Compare the old with the new Froogle, screenshots here.

But life’s not perfect in Googleville, Google’s taking the heat for the recent outbreak of spam blogs or splogs. I know I’m spending more cleaning out my blogs and not a penny from Google!