Massachusetts and the UK Open Up

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Is Massachusetts starting another revolution in choosing OpenDocument over Microsoft?

“It may be the technological equivalent to the shot heard ’round the world,” said Joe Wilcox, a Jupiter Research analyst. “If Massachusetts follows through with this plan, it will be a radical departure from how Microsoft and other businesses work with state governments.”

Massachusetts’ shift to the so-called OpenDocument format seeks to ensure the state’s electronic records can easily be read, exchanged and modified now and in the future, free of licensing restrictions and compatibility problems as software evolves. (ABCNews)

Massachusetts may become the first state to adopt OpenDocument, but as David Berlind is discovering, flaws in the process leading up to the decision may ultimately undermine the plan.

Meanwhile, this recent study of open source use in British schools showed clear advantages and cost-savings from open source operating systems (many of which support OpenDocument).