Learn More About Your Business with Lesser-Known Google Tools


The holidays are here, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to let off the afterburners. Gear up for another profitable year with these handy, lesser-known tools from Google. Whether you want to gauge consumer search behavior at a macro level or check the latest industry benchmarks, Google has an arsenal of useful tools that will lead to valuable insights about your search result rankings. Google Analytics and ranking data have long been the frontrunners when it comes to your business’s performance and shopper data, but these uncommon tools allow for further analysis and — with the correct application — improvement.

Google Books Ngram Viewer: This Google tool charts ngrams — instances of n items from a given sequence of text or speech, including syllables, letters, words or phonemes — that have appeared in books and texts over a period of time. So how can this help tool help your site rank better? It’ll help you chart the popularity of phrases over time, which is especially if you’re working in an industry with language that’s constantly evolving, like technology or software.

Think with Google: Think with Google, also known as TWG, is one of the most user-friendly data aggregation tools for marketers. It contains multiple tools and resources that will help you study search trends, improve ads, enhance your mobile preparedness and much more. It also provides infographics and visuals that allow you to see Google’s tools in action. Use it to sort resources by topics such as consumer trends, mobile data and retail numbers to find information that provides revealing, in-depth insights about your industry or niche. Tools highlighted below, including Consumer Barometer and Shopping Insights, are just a couple of the interactive tools offered by TWG.

Shopping Insights: This easy-to-use tool allows you to thoroughly explore shopping trends and the popularity of particular products across the U.S. When you key in a specific product, Shopping Insights will display a heat map highlighting which areas of the U.S. are heavily searching for that term. It also provides an interactive line graph and allows you to search results by desktop, mobile or both for the best analysis possible. Using this insight, you’ll be able to create valuable location-based ads and tailor your inventory to popular products.

Mobile Insight: Explore Google’s unique Mobile in the Purchase Journey tool to broaden your research on mobile searches. This handy, interactive reference covers the basics about how consumers use their smartphones and tablets to shop and answers important questions about consumers’ product research habits and the type of information they’re looking for while shopping via mobile. This is a great reference for companies looking to up their mobile presence.

Consumer Barometer: As part of Think with Google, the Consumer Barometer is an interactive tool that studies how people use the Internet across the world. It allows you to build graphs based on your own custom analysis and compare digital data over time to help you seamlessly visualize how the e-commerce landscape is changing. This tool is especially helpful for companies looking to expand their reach globally and to conduct research on search data in other countries.