Is Automation in the Cards for Content?

By EXCLUSIVE Insights Team
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In a recent Forrester Research study, an interesting finding emerged: a large number of American and European marketers have high hopes for the development of automated content. In other words, companies are hoping to someday phase out human-written content (at least partially) in favor of automated tools that create, manage and update content across their websites and apps. That leaves us wondering whether automatic content really does have the potential marketers hope it will.

According to the study, marketers believe that an automated solution to content marketing would help companies — especially those without an in-house marketing team — save money, achieve a higher customer engagement potential and boost customer loyalty, among other things. Indeed, an automated content creation system would help eliminate costs, especially when you consider that half of the content companies produce is never put to use, according to Search Engine Watch. But that’s not the whole picture.

Assaf Baciu, the cofounder of the company that commissioned the Forrester study that revealed that automated content is as in-demand as ever, emphasized that developing this type of technology would take quite some time. He told TechCrunch, “to get to a place where a machine can turn out an article with (ideally) some creativity and critical analysis will take another 20 years.”

And, even if the technology does become available within the next couple of decades, it’s unclear how it would assist with content strategy, which is still the most often cited challenge that marketers face when it comes to digital content. With that being said, it’s important that marketers continue to hone a successful content marketing strategy in the meantime by leveraging their human resources — still the most valuable resources of all, we believe — to create a lean, efficient and cost-effective digital marketing strategy.