Google Testing New Percentage Ratings


Google recently revealed that it’s testing a new percentage-based rating system for its text ads. The prospective change would swap out Google’s old star ratings — the ones that appear right below the URL in any given text ad — in favor of a percentage.

Where a company might have had a five-star review, now it might appear as “98% positive,” for example. This development, if it’s implemented, could change how well some text ads perform by giving users a simpler, more clear-cut ranking metric. The star rating system may have been overlooked by some shoppers, but a percentage-based quality rating is a weighty quality assessment on a text ad. So, for example, a lower-ranking ad could have more potential to “steal” a click from a higher-ranking one based on its quality percentage.

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The days of the old, star-based rating system in text ads may be numbered.