Google Quietly Updates Webmaster Guidelines, AdWords App for iOS Released


What a busy news cycle it has been! With Google rolling out updates at a breakneck pace, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on the stories that will impact your business. Here are two such headlines:

Google Webmaster Guidelines Update: What’s New?

You may have heard that Google recently revamped its Webmaster Guidelines. The late-January update, which was performed without much fanfare, included a number of nuanced-but-significant changes. The most obvious change is that Google included more examples, resources and expandable content for quicker and easier referencing. The changes focus largely on user experience and provide more tips on how to help Google find your page, and for how to build a Google-friendly website.

So what do the new updates include? A “General Guidelines Section” now replaces the “Design and Content Guidelines” portion of the page, with brand-new suggestions honing-in on Google’s preference for information-rich pages. It emphasizes using well-written text instead of images for textual context and, of course, focuses on the importance of web design for all device types (something we’ve been preaching for years). The new guidelines also encourage technical site optimizations to improve loading times. Some suggestions — such as limiting the number of links on a given page and creating a full sitemap — remain unchanged. Be sure to thoroughly read the new guidelines for more information.


The iPhone AdWords App is Finally Here

There’s finally a way to easily track your AdWords performance, view campaign stats, adjust bids and budgets, and more from your iPhone. The Google AdWords App for iPhone was officially released on Jan. 28 and is available to all AdWords customers globally in the App Store. According to Google’s official release, the new on-the-go tool lets you act on suggestions that may improve campaign performance, get real-time alerts and notifications about your billing and ad statuses and call a Google expert from your fingertips. It joins an already available AdWords app for Android. PPC account managers around the world rejoiced, as the rollout means that they will never have to be without access to a client’s account while on the road.