How to Generate Sales with Promotions and Coupons in Amazon’s Vendor Central

By Mike Frekey
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The key to growing your business in the Amazon Vendor Central marketplace is to create customer demand for your merchandise. Amazon Vendor Central (AVC) provides exclusive tools that help you do this, with their robust marketing and promotional services. You can choose from three different kinds of promotions, plus vendor coupons, to encourage users to place orders.

A vendor can also request access to Amazon Seller Central to further empower their sales. Combine these AVC promotions with other Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) tools to create a powerful marketing strategy that will increase the flow of your Amazon orders.

What Kinds of Promotions Can You Create on Amazon Vendor Central?

Vendors on Amazon can offer three types of promotions: Lightning Deals, Best Deals and Price Discount promotions. Each one can impact your business’s product sales, and they also make your offerings more visible in the Amazon marketplace. Lower prices can improve your rankings, and when the price is right, you’ll see a boost in conversions, page views and orders. Promotions let you temporarily reduce a product’s retail price without adjusting your cost to Amazon.

Use Amazon promotions to perfect your discounting and pricing strategy to supercharge sales

Note: The cost of Promotions is fulfilled by the vendor, and the discount is taken from the Amazon list price.

Lightning Deals

  • Available in Vendor Central and Seller Central marketplaces
  • Has the greatest visibility on the “Today’s Deals” page
  • Run up to six hours
  • Promotion must be at least 20 percent off
  • Can limit amount of inventory you want sold
  • When stock is gone, customer has option to “Join Waitlist” in case another customer removes it from their cart
  • Provides fast sales boost for product; short-term benefit only

Best Deals

  • Provides more value for discount provided
  • Appears on “Today’s Deals” pages for added visibility
  • Can be run for up to two weeks
  • Ability to add multiple products in a single Best Deal promotion
  • Can feature entire catalog or hand-picked products for discounts
  • Discounted product links to page with all discounts offered within that Best Deals promotion
  • Can use AMS campaign for greater visibility on search engine results pages
  • More conversions, page views and orders increase the product’s placement within Amazon’s A9 product search algorithm; long-term sales benefits

Price Discount Promotions

  • Good value
  • Only appears on specific product listing
  • Approved by Amazon typically within 24 hours
  • Runs for a maximum of five weeks

Use Amazon’s settings to refine the conditions are your product discounts and promotions

Offering a discount and having effective pricing for your merchandise can boost product visibility on the Amazon platform. For the greatest effectiveness, use these promotions within an AMS campaign. More page views and conversions mean better placement of your product on SERPs, leading to long-term benefits.

How Can You Use Coupons to Boost Product Sales?

Vendor coupons are another kind of promotion available for Amazon Vendor Central sellers. A unique feature of coupons is that whenever a coupon promotion is created in Vendor Central, a Coupon Landing Page (CLP) is created. These pages can be used in email or social media marketing campaigns.

  • Coupon promotions are featured on the “Coupons” page within the “Today’s Deal” page
  • A small fee is charged in addition to the discount each time coupon is clipped and redeemed
  • Coupons appear on product detail page and on SERPs
  • Multiple products can be simultaneously submitted for coupons
  • Can limit number of coupons redeemed per customer
  • Can make coupons available only when a customer signs up for “Subscribe and Save”

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