From Cart Abandonment to Converting: Email Marketing

By EXCLUSIVE Insights Team
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There are plenty of tips for preventing cart abandonment, from offering deals to having a secure, easy-to-use website. But even with a perfect purchasing experience, a cart can still be abandoned. Maybe your potential customer is waiting until payday or when the special occasion they were shopping for is a little closer. And hey, we’re all human — maybe they just got distracted and forgot. If a reminder email is all that stands between cart abandonment and a closed sale, the only task left is to make your cart reminder email the best it can be.

The first thing you need for this is to connect customers’ email addresses with their respective incomplete orders. This step helps you build your email list for abandoned cart reminders, which is the foundation of this email marketing strategy.

Cart Abandonment Email Schedule

The key here is to find the right frequency of emails to act as friendly reminders. We always suggest testing your campaigns to find a rhythm that works best for your customers, but there are general best email practices you can start with. The magic number for emails to send is usually three at most. Send the first one day after the cart was abandoned, another two days later and one last email a week later.

Keep in mind that you may need to tweak this a little for carts abandoned during time-sensitive events like a sale, since customers will need time to act before the sale ends. In cases like this, sending an email on the same day that the cart is abandoned is a smart decision.

Email Conversion Tips for Abandoned Carts

One reliable method to closing a sale with follow-up marketing emails is to include a deal. Whether your would-be buyer was debating the price or waiting for a special event, this strategy is effective for convincing them to buy now and save some money. Even 10% off can be enough, so start small and work your way up for the best results for your specific profit margins and conversion rates.

If discounts aren’t in the cards, you can also use a cart rebuilder to give your customer a visual for what they almost bought. For the browser who just forgot, this is perfect! Another option is to emphasize the reasons why getting your product is a sound decision. After all, just putting the items in their cart shows that this customer has purchase intent — reiterating what they were thinking in the first place can be all they need. In this case, you might mention existing free shipping order minimums, warranties or guarantees and customer service or FAQ pages that might clear up some of their uncertainty.

General Email Marketing Tips to Follow

Keep each email brief! It’s a quick reminder, not a novel. The best way to go about this is to pick one core message to relay in each of your three emails. For example, if you sell advanced equipment, the first email could be a link to customer service or an FAQ to answer any questions. If your company sells clothes or decorations, your first email might be a discount code or a cart rebuilder to display the items they had in their cart.

Of course, robust email marketing involves more than anyone can cover in one article. Cart abandonment reminder emails are just one way to boost sales with your email list, and you can see how to grow your traffic and your business with a free e-commerce analysis from the team at EXCLUSIVE.