EXCLUSIVE Partners: Trusted Inventory & Order Resources

By Lena Liberman

Monthly Partner Update: April 2021

eCommerce Inventory and Order Resources

You rely on us for digital advertising, and while that’s been our expertise for over 20 years, the purpose of this update is to support you outside of our typical digital advertising scope.

Our Partner network is filled with brands and technologies that can help save you time, money, and headache. We’re kicking off Q2 with a resources series to help you tackle the most-common (and worrisome) eCommerce problems and help you conquer them with solutions from vetted providers. Contact us so we can match you with the best-fit solution.

Partner Resources Inventory

Order ManagementOrder Management & Fulfillment

Our first installment in the resources series covers something that nearly shattered eCommerce exactly one year ago: inventory, order management, and fulfillment. We’ve come a long way adapting to the new normal and in order to meet consumers’ needs while protecting and evolving our own businesses.

Common Problems

Common Order Problems

  • Bank-breaking fulfillment costs
  • Difficulty fulfilling orders across channels
  • Limited delivery options
  • Inventory storage and distribution issues
  • Unreliable package tracking
  • Overwhelming customer service issues
  • Customer churn due to delivery issues
  • Late or missing deliveries
  • Cumbersome manual back-office systems

If you’re struggling with one (or more) of these problems, contact us. We’ll work together to find the best-fit solution for you.