EXCLUSIVE Adds New Mobile-Friendly Banners to Offers

By EXCLUSIVE Insights Team
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In order to help customers create a better shopping experience on mobile devices, and to deter penalization from Google’s new Mobile Search Rank algorithm (deemed Mobilegeddon 2), EXCLUSIVE has developed new mobile banners within our Offers platform. This is a direct response to Google’s major push to reward websites that are fully optimized for mobile, while penalizing sites that aren’t.


An example of the new mobile-friendly banner displayed on a device

Mobile-Friendly Banners to Avoid Google’s Wrath

In August, Google announced a new crackdown on “intrusive” interstitials, which includes popup ads that cover the main content of a page as well as standalone ads that require the user to dismiss them before accessing the page’s main content. They also began penalizing layouts where the above-the-fold portion appears too similar to a standalone interstitial.

Accordingly, two new mobile-friendly banners — one for Cart Reminder and one for Email Booster — are available to our customers as part of the latest update to EXCLUSIVE Offers.

Here, the new mobile-friendly Cart Reminder banner is displayed to a shopper who returned to the site after adding something to the cart during a previous session. This kind of notification has been shown to increase revenue per visit for return shoppers by 49.67%.

By implementing a banner approach — a distinct-looking reminder above-the-fold — you can still send a clear message to encourage users to return to their shopping cart, sign up for your e-mail list or enter their email address to receive an immediate coupon that can also trigger an automated email through a linked ESP without risking a penalty.

From left to right: an example of an intrusive popup and two examples of intrusive interstitials

Improving Mobile Shoppers’ User Experience

If you are currently using a lightbox design with Cart Reminder, we will automatically change this to a banner design. For Email Booster, you’ll see a changeover from the box widget to an interactive banner design. We will take care of the upgrade so no action will be required from you. If you’re not on Offers and your site uses lightbox designs to target mobile customers, know that you’re customer-irritating UX is now positioned on the wrong side of Google’s algorithm, in addition to being less effective than a persistent banner that tails customers.

If you have any questions or need assistance with any of our applications, feel free to reach us at support@exclusiveconcepts.com. Have a look below for examples of the new banners in action.

“Once again EXCLUSIVE proactively updated its services to match Google’s changes to provide our mobile shoppers a user-friendly experience.” – Mariusz Sobanski, founder and president of CarAndTruckRemotes.com

New Mobile Banner Experience:

mobilebannertap (1)

Tap: An example of a non-intrusive request for an email address, which the user taps to initiate. These types of banners can convert up to 1% of visitors to the mailing list.


offersmobilebanner (1)

Enter email: The email address entry field is displayed here after the user interacts with the banner. Because these banners are persistent, shoppers can still shop while they’re displayed.


mobilebannercoupon (1)

Confirm: This is the resulting confirmation screen. From here, the email address collected can trigger a corresponding campaign within a linked ESP.


You can learn more about EXCLUSIVE Offers here.