Email Marketing Must-Do’s for 2018

By EXCLUSIVE Insights Team
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The New Year butterflies have worn off, and shoppers are resurfacing after an expensive holiday season. Now, it’s time to ramp up those sales! If you’re using sources such as Google Shopping, social media and Amazon Marketplaces, you’re probably seeing new customers rolling in each month. It’s a great way to start the year, but how can you capitalize on these new customer acquisitions?

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Hopefully, you’re aware of the large impact that email marketing plays in turning first-time buyers into repeat purchasers, or maybe even lifetime customers. But are you optimizing your email program so that you’re getting the most out of each new customer?

If you want to improve your email marketing in 2018, then there’s always a facet of your program to optimize. Messaging can be more relevant; content can be more intriguing; and engagement rates can be increased. If you can jump on these opportunities, then your business will be able to retain more customers and convert more purchasers.

Below is a list of five must-do’s to get your email marketing program into ideal shape in 2018:

  • Grow Your List Intelligently
    • Gone are the days of buying email lists. High spam complaints and low engagement rates from purchased subscribers will put your sends directly into the spam folder. But there’s great news! There are a myriad of sources you can use to quickly fill your email list with highly qualified leads. The more of these email address channels you can create, the bigger and stronger your email list will become.
  • Segment, Segment, Segment!
    • This is a big one. With the growing presence of online advertising, customers are becoming much pickier with the content they consume. By creating segments of your email list based on past purchases, interests and demographic data, you can send targeted and relevant content to your subscribers, which is exactly what they want.
  • A Clean List is an Accurate List
    • A dated list filled with fake email addresses and high bounce rates can lower your engagement metrics such as open rate and click rate. If those engagement metrics drop enough, you could risk finding yourself in subscribers’ spam inboxes. Take the time to rid your list of deactivated, fake or disinterested email addresses. Your engaged email subscribers deserve proper representation.
  • Automation is a Must
    • Believe it or not, your email list is changing on an hourly basis. Subscribers are constantly joining your list, making purchases, abandoning carts, clicking on emails and more. How are you supposed to send each email address an email with relevant content each time said email address takes an action? The answer is email automation.

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  • Track Key Metrics
    • There are five email marketing metrics you should be tracking in 2018 to help your email marketing program.
      • RPS (Revenue Per Subscriber)
        • As a whole, how much revenue is each email address driving? This will provide you with insight regarding the content you’re promoting within emails and the effectiveness of your sends.
      • Conversion Rate
        • Are subscribers purchasing? Different list segments may have different conversion rates. Optimize your email program for high conversion rates to increase your revenue per subscriber.
      • Open Rate
        • Make sure your subscribers are seeing the emails you’re sending. Low open rates could be based on a number of factors: disengaged audience, ineffective subject lines, poor send times and more.
      • Click Rate
        • Once subscribers open the email, what are they doing? Track click rate so you can identify the effectiveness of the content you’re promoting.
      • Bounce Rate
        • A high bounce rate means a dirty list. Use this metric as an indicator for when you should be cleaning your email list.

You’ve won all these new customers. Now make sure you get them to stick around! If you want EXCLUSIVE to conduct a review of your email marketing program, just request a free analysis.

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