Expert Insights: What eCommerce Merchants Should START Doing in 2021

By Lena Liberman
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This is the second installment in our “Expert Insights: What eCommerce Merchants Should Stop, Start, and Continue Doing in 2021” series. For our first in the series, click over to “What eCommerce Merchants Should STOP Doing in 2021.” And now to the best eCommerce practices for merchants to START.

From EXCLUSIVE: Start testing new channels.

Brands with great-looking products geared toward younger audiences are a natural fit for graphic social platforms like Instagram. However, Insta isn’t a great match for every brand. Find your audience and meet them where they are. Maybe it’s a marketplace, maybe it’s on their mobile devices, maybe it’s an affinity community, maybe it’s in-app or on YouTube. Consult an EXCLUSIVE digital marketing expert to create a strategy for finding and testing new channels. You can strike gold in places you never even knew existed.

From Google: Start taking a stand for something.

More than ever before, consumers want to support brands that connect to what those buyers believe in. Consumers (especially among younger audiences) seek out brands with strong social values. These shoppers now expect brands to stand for something and to publicize that cause and contribute to it. What cause does your brand support? Does it mesh with what your audience supports?

From Klaviyo: Start targeting brand enthusiasts.

Segmentation is more important than ever and engaged shoppers carry a lot of weight. Send promotional campaigns to engaged segments but be sure to identify the big fish and the brand enthusiasts who are loyal and your best ambassadors.

From Privy: Start taking advantage of SMS marketing.

SMS compliments email very well while providing higher open rates and more personal communication with subscribers. Using SMS communication in harmony with email unlocks opportunities that will dramatically increase a merchant’s ability to increase sales and other key metrics. Start now before everyone else beats you to it.

From Facebook: Focus on creative thinking and purpose-driven ideas.

Here are 6 key creative behaviors of breakthrough brands:

  1. Open a Dialogue: Ideas people can see, touch, try on, and identify with. 
  2. Cultivate Culture: Ideas and cultural artifacts that weave into the zeitgeist. 
  3. Serve Others: Ideas that voice advocacy on behalf of others. 
  4. Astound Communities: Ideas built to connect deeply and resonate broadly. 
  5. Break the Mold: Ideas that smash category stereotypes and tropes. 
  6. Push the Purpose: Ideas that throw the brand’s objectives into sharp relief. 

From Trustpilot: Start optimizing for Google Shopping.

As of 2020, it’s free to sell on Google and “Buy on Google’” is commission-free, making it easier for retailers to gain visibility and sell on Google Shopping. With these opportunities, retailers must find new ways to stand out from competitor listings on Google Shopping. Trusted Google Reviews Partners like Trustpilot allow retailers to have their online reviews displayed directly on their product listings on Google Shopping. Showcasing a trust signal such as your rating or reviews can help you differentiate yourself from other competitors in Google Shopping. 

From Yotpo: Embrace mobile, especially SMS.

SMS is going to have a big year in 2021. With time spent on phones reaching all-time highs, SMS is the channel that is perfectly optimized for mobile. SMS presents a massive opportunity for merchants to connect with consumers and open a quick new revenue stream. Consider that the average SMS open rate is a whopping 98% and 90% of text messages are read within three minutes, and it’s no wonder that the channel sees a 6-8 higher engagement rate when compared with email. 

We’re also all in on SMS. Read “2021 Trifecta: Why Adding SMS Marketing to Your Social Media and Email Campaigns Is a Must” to find out why and how you can benefit from this channel.

Did you enjoy “What eCommerce Merchants Should START Doing in 2021“? Hopefully you gleaned some good ideas and healthy habits for your business. Our final installment in the series is “What Merchants Need to CONTINUE Doing in 2021.” Expect that drop and insight from the same big-name experts, all of who are carefully selected EXCLUSIVE partners, next week. In the meantime, with the info above, you’ve got plenty to start stopping.

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