Expert Insights: What eCommerce Merchants Should CONTINUE Doing in 2021

By Lena Liberman
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This is the third and final installment in our “Expert Insights: What eCommerce Merchants Should Stop, Start, and Continue Doing in 2021” series. For our first and second in the series, click over to “Expert Insights: What eCommerce Merchants Should STOP Doing in 2021” and “Expert Insights: What eCommerce Merchants Should START Doing in 2021.” Together, these form a robust array of expert advice for this year. And now to the best eCommerce practices for merchants to CONTINUE. If you’re already doing these, keep up the good work! If not, it’s never too late to get on board.

From EXCLUSIVE: Continue to be hungry!

eCommerce and advertising change constantly. You can’t be an expert on averything. So how do you satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit and desire for growth? Every successful person will tell you to read as much industry news and information as you can (Get it weekly and in one place with our Always Be Growing news drop), hire smart people who bring skills that you don’t already have, stay up to date with your competition’s activities, and be bold and flexible when it comes to change tactics or to pivot.

From Google: Continue to provide a unique digital experience.

In a crowded digital landscape, consumers increasingly seek out relationships with brands that provide value. This means that all touchpoints with consumers should provide a personalized experience. Your website shouldn’t be developed based on pages but instead based on the consumer experience. Similarly, you should increase your collection and use of first-party data to better understand your consumers and personalize your messaging. Emphasize the individual.

From Klaviyo: Continue emailing consistently.

Email seems like old-school messaging now, but it’s remained powerful because it continues to deliver. Continue to send email, continue to send more frequently during peak seasons, never stop sending. This will keep your audience warm, build your reputation, keep your brand top of mind, and nurture relationships with customers. Add punch to your emails by pairing them with SMS messaging.

From Privy: Continue to optimize.

With competition for the digital space so intense, you need to optimize your forms, pop-ups, and displays for maximum email and SMS capture. By capturing more data on your own site, you give yourself the best opportunities to engage and drive sales from people who are interested in your business. This also boosts your other channels such as paid search and organic search by identifying traffic sources and making it easier for visitors to engage with you from every page and post.

From Facebook: Continue believe in machine learning — but not a substitute for human skills.

You need to strike a balance between automation and human input and expertise. It’s not either/or so don’t run your campaigns under that dualism. Use automation for what it’s good at (repetitive functions and finding patterns) and rely on human experts to be creative and to pick up on signals that aren’t targeted toward an algorithm. Stay helpful and remind yourself that you perform a service for your customers. They have problems and you provide solutions. Help them achieve their bests and you will achieve yours.

From Trustpilot: Continue using social proof in advertising. 

In our consumer insights report, “Trustworthiness in Advertising: What Consumers Have to Say,” we found that all demographic categories are largely resistant to advertisers’ claims, supporting a trend that has been called a full-blown “consumer trust crisis.” We’ve seen this play out as traditional advertising loses ground to marketing campaigns that feature the voice of the customer. The very presence of social proof makes a business more trustworthy because, by definition, social proof comes from customers. Those voices carry more weight than branded messages from companies themselves. We love campaigns that feature customer voices, images, reviews, and experiences in new amd creative ways!

From Yotpo: Continue to build and invest in loyalty programs.

With over 60% of consumers reporting a willingness to join a loyalty program of a brand they love, it’s clear that brand loyalty is on the rise. Brands must capitalize on that momentum going into 2021 by doubling down on their D2C brand experiences, supporting causes their customers care about, and expanding loyalty programs to go beyond simple transactions, such as through subscription programs, special offers, and sending shoppers SMS messages.  

From Microsoft Advertising: Continue to experiment with your tech stack.

Clients who see the most success with us keep their minds open to testing new opportunities. Our partners like Exclusive Concepts are flexible with their marketing stack so that EXCLUSIVE experts can move clients’ investments nimbly to the ad platforms providing the best return on investment. Merchants should continue to invest their advertising dollars in management that provides them with the most-efficient results rather than feeling attached to a platform or a campaign or an agency. Sometimes that means moving dollars from more-competitive shark tanks to less-competitive approachable waters. Give it a try and remember that you can pivot any time.

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