DIY SEO Keyword Research: Four Helpful Tools

By Ryan Duff, Organic Search team
TOPICSOrganic Search

Don’t have the requisite knowledge or access to class-leading SEO tools? Fear not, as there are a number of DIY SEO tips you can use to gather valuable insights. You can kickstart your keyword research by using these foundational and easy-to-use keyword search tools:

1. Google Keyword Planner — Google AdWords’ free Keyword Planner makes it really easy for you to research certain topics and aggregate basic keyword ideas based on your results. Simply search a keyword or a group of ideas, and you’ll get a list of keywords and corresponding search data. This useful tool also allows you to begin planning bids and budgets so you can start laying the foundation for your PPC campaign.

2. Ubersuggest — This smart browser-based tool helps you get more keyword ideas fast. It’s especially useful if you’re looking to collect keyword suggestions that aren’t available from Google Keyword Planner. This tool, along with Wordtracker, will help you brainstorm early-stage keyword ideas when you’re drawing a blank. It’s also particularly helpful if you’re trying to incorporate more long-tail keywords into your content.

3. Google Trends — Another early-phase planning tool, Google Trends can give you some clear insight on search volumes and the way particular search trends are headed. With easy-to-navigate graphs, charts and maps that provide keyword-specific data based on regional interest, interest over time and related searches, Google Trends can really help you plan a high-performing keyword list if you put in the time and research yourself.

4. Wordtracker — Much like Ubersuggest, Wordtracker lets you quickly aggregate related keywords based on your inquiry. It also ranks keywords by search volume, so you can prioritize high-traffic keywords and weed out or replace ones that aren’t performing as well. It will even give you basic information to help you measure the competition’s performance and learn more about your industry’s keyword landscape.