How to Take Control of Your Amazon Reviews

By Marcel Deer
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Did you know that over 90% of Amazon buyers never leave a review? And get this: the ones most likely to leave one often have a negative experience. So, if you’re not working on getting positive product reviews, you’re likely going to get hit with an unsolicited bad one.

While reviews are important for understanding how consumers value your product, Amazon also uses them when determining your search rank. In other words, listings with bad reviews get sent to the bottom when a buyer searches for an item. This then harms the seller’s ability to generate sales, pushing their product rank even lower. Not good.

It’s a vicious cycle to get swept into, and you need to start soliciting positive reviews before bad ones crush your Amazon presence.

The Amazon Reviews You Get Now Will Make or Break Your Year

Amazon reviews are important all year — but the time to optimize them is now. Why? First of all, Amazon sellers typically get the most reviews during Prime Day, which ended on June 22nd. In fact, according to our partner eComEngine, their FeedbackFive users saw a 32% increase in positive reviews just a week after the fall 2020 sale ended.

And since Amazon’s algorithm considers reviews when ranking products, Amazon will use those you get now and through the summer to determine how you stack up during the holidays. Basically, if you get slapped with negative reviews now, Amazon will ensure your competitors rank above you.

Since Prime Day has ended, you must reach out to those who bought your products as soon as possible and ask for a review. But be careful! There are many different strategies and rules you need to follow.

The Don’ts of Amazon Reviews

You are allowed to ask buyers for reviews (there is always confusion about this, but yes you can!) — but Amazon restricts how you can do this. And if you fail to adhere to their rules, you risk losing your ability to ask for reviews, or worse yet, you risk seller suspension. 

Don’t Offer Incentives

You cannot, under any circumstances, offer buyers incentives, including but not limited to discounts and free items, in exchange for a review. Always use neutral language and do not lead the buyer towards leaving a positive review. Also avoid conditional language like “If you liked it, leave me a positive review. If you have a problem, contact me directly.”

Don’t Offer Promotions

Never offer promotions when soliciting reviews. Your message needs to ensure the buyer can write an unswayed and objective review when prompted.

Don’t Include Unnecessary URLs or Attachments

Unless you plan on attaching a warranty, an invoice, or instructions, never include attachments or URLs.

The Must-Do’s of Amazon Reviews

You Must Send the Email Within 30 Days

You have just 30 days from when the buyer purchases an item to solicit a review. After this point, you cannot ask for feedback.

You Must Include the Order ID

When creating a general review request, remember to always include the relevant 17-digit order ID

You Must Use the Buyer’s Language of Preference

Amazon requires you to use the buyer’s preferred language when requesting feedback. If you use Amazon’s “Request a Review” button, you don’t need to go through this step.

Leverage Prime Day’s Feedback Frenzy

Given the massive increase in reviews, the onus is on you, the seller, to solicit them. 8 in every 10 buyers leave reviews only after sellers ask for feedback via email. You cannot afford to let this opportunity go to waste and ought to develop a game plan for soliciting reviews before 30 days have passed. Be consistent in the when and the how you do so.

Typically, you can go to your seller page and simply click “Request a Review.” This will send an automated note to the buyer. The good news is that because Amazon created this message, it’s 100% compliant with Amazon rules. The bad news is that it’s a manual button push and you can’t personalize the message.

Luckily, software can help you with this. eComEngine’s FeedbackFive completely automates this process for you. In fact, FeedbackFive users report a 41% increase in daily reviews simply because of this automation, which takes just a few clicks to get set up.

If you feel like your old positive reviews will get you through the next holiday season, think again. While Amazon might not dock you for having old reviews, consumers will: over 8 in 10 believe reviews older than just three months are not relevant. Only 3% even consider reviews older than a year.

While quality and quantity are important, recency plays a huge role in consumers’ perceptions of your product. Rather than viewing reviews in a more traditional way, consider it a sum of quality, quantity, and recency.

Tips for Getting More Positive Amazon Reviews

Now that you have a solid foundation on how Amazon reviews work, you need to start strategizing and developing a feedback request plan from here on out. Here are a few points to get you started.

Sell a Great Product and Provide Great Service

Buyers want to leave positive reviews only when they have a great experience. If you do get any negative ones, take their feedback and improve your product and service. Buyers will tell you what they want.

Always Ask

Sellers get 3-10x more reviews when they ask. Do it. Do it compliantly.

Enroll in Amazon Vine

This program spotlights notable reviewers within Amazon and it can help your product gain traction on the website.

Optimize Your Listings

You can always optimize how your product appears on Amazon, from its tags to its title. Take a look at our helpful guide on how to rank high on Amazon through effective listings.

Include Detailed Product Descriptions and Pictures

Never assume every buyer will understand how to use your product. Include detailed instructions to minimize confusion.

Your Amazon Reviews Strategy 

Understanding Amazon reviews helps you compete in this extremely saturated eCommerce marketplace. If you feel like you have no time to work on this, let the experts handle it. Automations provided by FeedbackFive will keep you covered.

Looking for more Amazon resources? Check out EXCLUSIVE and eComEngine’s webinar, Amazon Playbook for Brands, which dives into the complete formula for profitable growth on the platform. Reviews can only get you so far; take the time to learn every facet of Amazon and watch your sales soar.