Case Study: Local SEO Strategies Drive +600% Store Traffic Increase

By Lena Liberman

Local SEO Case Study Client

A large Midwestern furniture and flooring retailer conducted business online and in physical stores. With consumers reluctant to buy online without having seen and touched big-ticket products in person, the retailer needed to get more shoppers in stores.

Client Challenges

  • Heavy competition against major players with big budgets and major brand recognition
  • Retail store foot traffic is key to conversion and brand is not ranking organically when stores are nearby

EXCLUSIVE Solution: Creating the Right SEO Strategy

Given that retail drives the majority of this merchant’s sales and consumers still have a strong propensity to buy offline, our SEO services team saw the best opportunity to create an effective local strategy by focusing on optimized content, store pages, and improvements to the brand’s local organic business listings.

We started by constructing store location pages that were tailored to the target markets. We provided locally optimized content for each location that would live on a dedicated store page on the site. Once these were built out and fully optimized, we turned to the Google My Business listings.

We knew that focusing on small customer segments and critical stages of the customer journey can significantly move the needle.

Local SEO Strategy Delivers Outstanding Near-Term Results

Local SEO Case Study Success Results

Within six months of our local optimizations, the merchant saw traffic to some of its most important locations increase upwards of 600% YoY. Our SEO strategy allowed the retailer to reach and exceed its goals of positioning local SEO as a key channel for success by driving increased store traffic and impressions, as well as markedly improving keyword performance for local searches.Local SEO Case Study Impressions

Scalable, Proven Solutions

Unlike many other SEO agencies, our team uses a scalable, repeatable approach to achieve measured results from organic marketing efforts. We achieve success regardless of the size of the competitors you are up against. For this client, the EXCLUSIVE team knew that in order to compete against big industry players with much larger budgets, we needed to take a targeted approach to win in key markets. For all EXCLUSIVE SEO clients, we develop custom strategies with technical site health audits and sample content for baseline analyses. We then tackle on-site content and mark-up. Most importantly, we’re able to accurately predict the measurable impact of the work that we do.

Want Results Like Those Delivered in This Local SEO Case Study?

SEO is just one of the many components of the EXCLUSIVE eCommerce holistic strategy. We’ve been delivering success to merchants for 24 years and we’re always adding to our playbook. Contact us for your free eCommerce analysis or use our free Content Scorecard for SEO to see how your SEO is performing. We’ll help you understand the results and make changes that lead to massive improvements and revenue increases.

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