Case Study: Email Marketing Ignites Growth for Stove & Hearth Merchant

By Lena Liberman
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Read this email marketing case study to see how EXCLUSIVE and partners boosted email-driven revenue by 12% for one stove-and-hearth retailer . . . and that was just the beginning of the wins!

The Client: Stove Parts Unlimited

Stove Parts Unlimited is a trusted name in the home appliance industry. The company is family-owned and based in Montana. SPU specializes in stove and hearth products that warm homes and hearts.

Client Challenges

  • Small team with limited email marketing experience
  • High abandoned cart rate
  • Diminishing market share

Email Marketing Case Study Stove Parts Unlimited

Powered by Partnerships, Supercharged by Synergy

For over a year, Exclusive Concepts has worked with Stove Parts Unlimited to grow the merchant’s online sales. After an initial assessment, we quickly noticed two things:

  • Stove Parts Unlimited’s small, relatively inexperienced marketing team was using an unsophisticated email marketing platform with limited capabilities.
  • SPU was using the BigCommerce website platform for its online presence.

Coupled with additional assessment findings, we chose to accelerate SPU’s growth by tapping into our extensive partner network. These trusted providers deliver complementary capabilities that help EXCLUSIVE clients maximize results. For Stove Parts Unlimited, we put together a collaborative strategy that included BigCommerce (the client’s existing website platform) and Klaviyo, experts on communication throughout the entire customer journey.

“BigCommerce and Klaviyo have really unique and robust integrations working with our systems. They offer sophisticated technology that gives EXCLUSIVE the tools we need to develop truly personalized interactions, complete user journeys, and unparalleled eCommerce experiences.”

— Faith Gagliardi, Email Marketing Manager, Exclusive Concepts

Turning Marketing Strains Into Profitable Gains

When Stove Parts Unlimited approached EXCLUSIVE, email was driving only 1% of SPU’s revenue, far lower than expected. We immediately saw that an outdated email marketing system with limited capabilities, no automations, and an unsegmented database was holding SPU back.

Without dedicated resources and capable tech, there was no cohesive marketing strategy. Instead of doing what they did best — helping customers improve their homes and better enjoy time spent there — SPU employees were distracted by manual email blasts that didn’t deliver.

EXCLUSIVE immediately migrated the client from the old email service to Klaviyo. This unlocked the power to build time-saving automations and to segment customers based on individual preferences and behaviors. Things were immediately easier, organized, and effective.

Stove Parts Unlimited had made a name for itself on service and selection, and the family-owned company had a loyal base. When COVID hit and demand for home goods spiked, SPU wanted to make sure that it could meet the needs of shoppers, especially its longtime customers. We isolated loyal customers and created a VIP segment. We then set up automated email campaigns where VIPs were the first to know about new products and back-in-stock items so that they could purchase first.

Using Klaviyo’s powerful integrations with EXCLUSIVE technology and the BigCommerce platform, we created automations for every shopper and every situation. These workflows included the following and more:

  • new-customer targeting
  • welcome series
  • abandoned cart reminders
  • post-purchase engagement messaging
  • customer winbacks

Beyond Email Marketing: Next Steps and New Wins

With email now driving 13% of revenue (up from just 1%), we focused on other areas for growth. The next goal was to increase market share via new customer acquisition. We did this via targeted PPC campaigns that eliminated wasted spend. Creating negative keyword lists, building out additional remarketing audiences, creating dynamic search ads, and launching social marketing further optimized efforts and drove results.

Want Results Like Those Delivered in This Email Marketing Case Study?

Email marketing is just one of the many components of the EXCLUSIVE eCommerce holistic strategy. We’ve been delivering success to merchants for 24 years and we’re always adding to our playbook. We work with top-tier trusted partners so we can bring the maximum value to our clients. Contact us for your free eCommerce analysis. We’ll help you understand the results and make changes that lead to massive improvements and revenue increases.