Amazon Sellers: You Can Now Use Headline Search Ads to Showcase Your Products

By Mike Frekey
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As mentioned in an earlier update, Amazon has recently opened up Headline Search Ads to third-party (3P) sellers in a strong move that puts 3P sellers in Amazon Seller Central on equal footing with first-party (1P) sellers. This is great news for 3Ps, although it may make keyword-bidding competition fiercer, with more sellers vying for this coveted ad space.

Why Headline Search Ads?

Amazon’s Headline Search Ads, previously only available to Amazon Vendor Central sellers via AMS (Amazon Marketing Services), are highly visible banner ads, driven by keywords that appear at the top of Amazon’s search results pages.

A Headline Search Ad example

The prime placement of these ads helps raise product awareness and drive traffic. Because this top-of-funnel advertising appears at the start of the buying experience, users are far more likely to click on them to browse products.

Headline Search Ads Requirements

Headline Search Ads are limited to brand-registered products. You must be accepted into Amazon’s Brand Registry program, which associates each product you’re advertising with the brand to ensure that you are the brand owner. You cannot mix and match different products across brands. All three product offerings must be from the same brand.

Headline Search Ads being built in Amazon’s backend

How Are Headline Search Ads Created and Used?

You can choose what works best for your business and your advertising campaign. Headline Search Ads can push traffic to a top-selling product, custom search experiences or Storefront pages. You can use suggested keywords or your own. Although these ads are driven by keywords, the system also looks at the ad’s copy to determine page placement. Match both the headline and text to your desired keywords for the best results.

An example of a Headline Search Ad campaign running

All elements, such as headline, image, ASIN and order of featured products can be adjusted.

How Much Do Headline Search Ads Cost?

The cost of Headline Search Ads is usually higher than other ad types, but you can choose your campaign budget (total amount you’re willing to spend). Also, you only pay when someone clicks on the ad, making these ads more cost-effective.