Amazon Testing Huge Reduction in Indexed Keywords for Sellers

By EXCLUSIVE Insights Team
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In typical Amazon fashion, behind-the-scenes changes are being unceremoniously rolled out in the Seller Central backend. This time, the move may jeopardize the inclusion of thousands of keywords within Amazon’s backend.

Amazon is currently experimenting with lowering its indexed keyword fields from a limit of 5,000 characters to 250 characters, while also updating the visual side of its Seller Central GUI (this being the far more innocuous change of the two). As of now, not all accounts have been changed over. Amazon has not released a statement on these changes, but it is expected that, upon the completion of the testing, these changes will be implemented across all Seller Central accounts.

How the Seller Central account appears after the update.

In what appears to be a slow rollout, Amazon is replacing the five 1,000-character keyword fields it previously allotted with one 250-character field. If your products currently have keywords in fields two to five, they are at risk of being automatically removed — which could be a big problem for many.

If your account has been impacted by this change, the Search Term Field will appear as it does above. If there is an option to “Add More,” as shown below, then your account has not yet been touched by this change.

How the Seller Central account appears before the update.

It is important for sellers to take action now, prior to Amazon potentially removing these additional keywords and fields from their account. Additionally, sellers should be aware that even if this change has not been applied to their account, they should not add more than 250 characters total across their keyword fields. Implementing more than 250 characters may result in those surplus keywords not being indexed.

To learn more about how this is impacting your account and how to combat these changes, schedule a free Amazon account audit with us.

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