Amazon Returns to Google Shopping After Brief Hiatus

By EXCLUSIVE Insights Team
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When Amazon pulled its Google Shopping ads in late April, many took it as a sign that the ecommerce-juggernaut was abandoning the platform. Amazon proved that theory incorrect by returning to Google Shopping recently, and is now running more ads than in any period in the past year.

Amazon’s Google Shopping advertising is up across the board

While the logic behind the initial interruption is uncertain, current indications seem to point to a ramp-up before Amazon Prime Day, which is expected to be mid-July (it was in July 11 in 2017, July 12 in 2016 and July 15 in 2015). Supporting this theory is the fact that the last major spike in ad positions for Amazon in Google Shopping was in June 2017. That uptick was immediately followed by a decline in subsequent months.

Retailers may have appreciated the brief respite from Amazon’s towering shadow, but now it’s back to business for advertisers.