Amazon Prime Day 2018: Reviewing the Sales Data

By Mike Frekey
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Amazon’s annual Prime Day, which started on July 16 and lasted for a mere 36 hours, proved to be a record-breaking ecommerce event. While there were some technical hiccups and outages (the cost of which was more than outweighed by the flood of shoppers that caused it), Amazon Prime Day 2018 broke records when everything was said and done. Amazon as a whole saw a $1 billion increase over last year, selling more than 100 million products, with their own Echo and Firestick leading the charge.

Most sellers expected to see a lift in sales during Prime Day, but what does the sales data show? We analyzed our clients’ performance to see what sort of growth the event brought in.


A graph illustrating the sales impact of Prime Day

On average, EXCLUSIVE clients saw a 51% increase in daily revenue for Prime Days compared to the daily average for the week leading up to the holiday. While this was split relatively evenly between the days in aggregate, the average client saw the majority of their growth come from either Monday or Tuesday, with the other seeing minimal gains. Across accounts, we saw an average of 59.6% of sales from the event localized to one of the two days.

We did note that accounts that chose to not run any discounts saw a significantly lower lift than of sellers that did run promotions, by a rate of approximately 50 percent. Tuesday did not see a significant change, but Monday sales showed to be highly improved by running additional promotions.


Correlation between sales impact and the use of promotions

Prime Day is going to come back even stronger in 2019. It will be important to prepare for the day with the following steps:

  • Enable your account for promotions to help maximize sales
  • For strategic products, apply for Lightning Deals to grow brand visibility and sales velocity
  • Roll out a product-specific Sponsored Products strategy that can enable custom bidding for sale items versus non-sale items

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