Always Be Growing: Your Weekly eCommerce News Drop

By Lena Liberman

Amidst the Q4 hustle, we’ve managed to get one more edition of Always Be Growing in before the new year. This edition focuses heavily on making sense of Cyber 5, wrapping up the rest of 2021 on a high sales note, and entering 2022 as prepared as possible. That said, happy holidays and see you in the new year!


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Cyber 5 Post-Mortem and Holiday Assessments

According to eMarketer:

  • Thanksgiving Day sales totaled $5.1 billion, on par with last year and up 21% from Thanksgiving 2019, per Adobe Analytics. Brick-and-mortar shopping was down 90.4%, as many major chains were not open, per Sensormatic Solutions.
  • Online sales on Black Friday hit $8.9 billion, just short of the $9 billion spent in 2020, according to Adobe Analytics. In-store shopping increased 47.5% from last year, per Sensormatic. That’s down 28.3% from 2019.
  • Small Business Saturday sales totaled an estimated $23.3 billion, up 18% from $19.8 billion in 2020, according to American Express. Since it started 12 years ago, consumers have spent an estimated $163 billion on Small Business Saturday.
  • Consumers spent $10.7 billion online for Cyber Monday, a 1.4% decrease from last year, per Adobe Analytics. 
  • From November 1 through Cyber Monday, online sales totaled $109.8 billion, up 11.9% year over year (YoY), per Adobe Analytics. On 22 of those days, consumers purchased more than $3 billion worth of goods. Adobe predicts that sales from November 1 to December 31 will total $207 billion, a 10% increase YoY.

More Cyber 5 and Holiday eCommerce News of Note:

eCommerce News Wrap of 2021 and Look-Ahead at 2022

Google Search and Advertising News

Local Shopping

Resources, Help, and How-To’s

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About Always Be Growing: Your Biweekly eCommerce News Drop

So much happens so quickly in eCommerce news. It can feel overwhelming, even impossible, to keep up with the news and the changes that affect your business. But keeping up is a must for two reasons:

  • You need to make sound decisions based on fresh (and reliable) information.
  • If you miss a story, plenty of your competitors will have picked it up and left you behind. 

The way to keep up and to make those sound decisions in a fast-paced noisy world is to get curated information delivered to you consistently. That’s why EXCLUSIVE provides “Always Be Growing,” our biweekly Friday blog feature all about eCommerce and digital marketing.

Why Always Be Growing? Because the EXCLUSIVE team is driven by 5 core values, the first of which is “Always Be Growing: Continuously strive to learn, share, and grow as individuals and professionals.” And that’s what this weekly Friday round-up is our way of sharing the learning in order to help you grow.