Always Be Growing: Your Weekly eCommerce News Drop

By Lena Liberman

Amidst the pre-Thanksgiving frenzy and the short week coming up, this edition of Always Be Growing is an abbreviated one. Wishing you all safe, happy holidays with much for which to be thankful.

eCommerce Stat of the Week

40%: The percentage of shoppers worldwide who say it only takes two bad experiences for them to abandon a brand, per Salesforce.

Given this, how do you earn customer trust and loyalty? In addition to providing great products and service every single time, you can use SMS, email, and loyalty programs to keep customers connected with (and loving) your brand. Learn more by catching the replay and slides from our most-recent webinar, “Secrets to Scaling Up Sales Growth Using Engagement Marketing.” 


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About Always Be Growing: Your Biweekly eCommerce News Drop

So much happens so quickly in eCommerce news. It can feel overwhelming, even impossible, to keep up with the news and the changes that affect your business. But keeping up is a must for two reasons:

  • You need to make sound decisions based on fresh (and reliable) information.
  • If you miss a story, plenty of your competitors will have picked it up and left you behind. 

The way to keep up and to make those sound decisions in a fast-paced noisy world is to get curated information delivered to you consistently. That’s why EXCLUSIVE provides “Always Be Growing,” our biweekly Friday blog feature all about eCommerce and digital marketing.

Why Always Be Growing? Because the EXCLUSIVE team is driven by 5 core values, the first of which is “Always Be Growing: Continuously strive to learn, share, and grow as individuals and professionals.” And that’s what this weekly Friday round-up is our way of sharing the learning in order to help you grow.