AdWords Updates: Detailed Store Visits and Expanded Structured Snippets

By PPC Team

Google recently unveiled two important AdWords updates involving structured snippets and its store visits metric:

  • Store visits can now be broken out at a keyword- or ad-group-level, as well as being viewable by day, week, or month.
  • Structured snippets can now display up to two lines of information in AdWords text ads.

Let’s start with the store visits metric

You probably remember that the store visits metric allows retailers and advertisers to better understand how online advertising impacts visits to brick-and-mortar stores. The store visits data consists of estimates based on anonymized data from Google users that have “Location History” turned on. Google extrapolates (read: samples) that data in order to represent the broader population.

With the latest update by Google, advertisers can get a more in-depth look into store visits by breaking them out with greater detail and insight.

Why it’s important

Google states: “By reviewing data at this level, advertisers can understand which keywords or ad groups drive the most store visits. For example, a toy store may learn that certain dolls or action figures bring in the most visitors. With this insight, that toy store might invest in search terms that drive both online and offline sales, and display those products at the front of their store.”

Now, on to the structured snippets update

With the bustling holiday season upon us, the updates to structured snippets and store visits couldn’t have come at a better time.

In August 2015, structured snippet extensions were rolled out. You may recall that structured snippets allow additional information to show below a text ad. Originally, only one line of text could be displayed in structured snippets, but Google has now expanded that to two. Here’s the expanded feature in action:

structured snippets screen

Source: Google

By choosing two “Headers” and creating two lists of custom values, these become eligible to be shown with your ads at the same time. In the example above, the “Styles” of the most popular window treatments are listed along with “Services” that the retailer offers. Other possible combinations include Featured Hotels and Amenities, Brands and Types, and more.

Why are these structured snippets important?

Simply put, expanded structured snippets help users get a healthier dose of pertinent information about your site before clicking an ad. As Google notes, “This relevant information makes your search ads more helpful in the moments that matter to your customers.”

Besides increasing relevancy for potential customers, the additional line of text also ups the size of the ad and, in turn, the amount of real estate that your ad takes up on the SERP. Who doesn’t love having more real estate?