2021 Trifecta: Why Adding SMS Marketing to Your Social Media and Email Campaigns Is a Must

By Lena Liberman
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It’s rare in any industry to reach unanimity, but we’ve achieved that when it comes to eCommerce in 2021. Our partners and our in-house social experts agree that adding SMS to your digital marketing mix is a must for the year ahead.

SMS Marketing Is Primed for Profits . . . But That Advantage Is Time Sensitive

According to Listrak, 89% of consumers want text messages from companies they engage with, but only 48% of retailers and brands have adopted SMS to reach their customers. That’s not a profit-opportunity gap, it’s a chasm that can be a goldmine. You surely already use email to communicate with shoppers. You should be establishing and strengthening your social media presence by honing in on your target audiences and platforms. Now it’s time to add SMS for maximum effect.

SMS is an absolute powerhouse in terms of sales, loyalty, customer service, engagement, and brand building. There’s still time to find out how to best leverage SMS before your competitors do. However, the early-adopter advantage won’t last forever. EXCLUSIVE partner Yotpo sums it up nicely with “The Future of eCommerce Is SMS Marketing.”

Our friends at Privy concur:

“Time is of the essence when it comes to taking advantage of a new marketing channel before it becomes oversaturated; SMS marketing is a channel that merchants should start in 2021, if they haven’t already. SMS complements email while providing higher open rates and more personal communication. Using SMS with email and social unlocks opportunities that dramatically increase a merchant’s ability to increase sales.”

For a full understanding of SMS and how it fits with email and additional social marketing opportunities, watch our webinar, Social Marketing 2021: Explosive Platform Expansion & Opportunity, on demand and download the slides. Co-hosted by Nik Rajpal, EXCLUSIVE’s VP or Marketing Sciences, and Jackie Condon, Klaviyo Account Executive, this webinar was off-the-chart exciting and packed with new information that you can parlay into profits. 

For example, did you know that you can use social advertising to hyper-target a specific group of cart abandoners and achieve a RoAS as high as 8800% on those ads? Or that using SMS is the best way to get your message noticed, read, and acted on — all by allowing you to skip the inbox and engage directly with shoppers? It’s all true and great news for retailers ready to embrace new channels and find the perfect digital marketing mix.

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