15 Reasons Your SEO Rank Is Slipping — and How to Stop the Downward Slide (Webinar on Demand)

By Lena Liberman

Whether you missed our recent webinar, 15 Reasons Your SEO Rank Is Slipping (and How to Stop the Downward Slide), or you’d like to rewatch to make sure you didn’t miss anything, you’re in luck. We’ve got the recording and the slides available now. This is an incredibly important webinar that explains SEO (Search Engine Optimization), why your Google ranking may be slipping even if it seems like you’ve got SEO under control, and how to get back on track. Get the content here.

Presented by Nik Rajpal, EXCLUSIVE’s VP of Marketing Sciences, and Rebecca Stewart, EXCLUSIVE’s Director of Organic Search, 15 Reasons Your SEO Rank Is Slipping (and How to Stop the Downward Slide) is a must for any retailer committed to eCommerce.

Nik kicked off the webinar discussing the heart of SEO, namely a search engine’s algorithm used to scan for keywords that best represent the content. As these algorithms have become increasingly sophisticated, search engines like Google have added intricate weights and measures to pick up on what’s really important within website content and, more importantly, what’s important to searchers and readers and shoppers. These content cues send signals to the search engines so that the search engines can prioritize results. Hence, ranking and the pursuit of the coveted top spots.

The four main types of SEO signals and the ranking formula can be broadly explained as: Relevance + Technical + Crawl Authority + Brand Recognition = Ranking (NODE) Score

From there, Nik walked us through how Google’s algorithm has worked in the past and the various algorithm changes and major releases like Penguin and Panda. Anyone who runs a website and has gone through a major change like Panda knows just how much (and how mysteriously) these fickle calculations and formulae can affect a website’s SEO and ranking.

15 Reasons Your SEO Rank Is Slipping

  1. You Have Not Done Demand Mapping, Organized in Topics
  2. You’re Using Duplicate Content
  3. Google Has to Guess Intent for You
  4. Your Content is Shallow or Grammatically Incorrect
  5. You Are Stuffing Too Many Bad Pages into Google’s Index
  6. Your SEO Efforts Appear As If You’re Gaming the System
  7. You Expect Google to Work with Little-to-No Info from You
  8. You Don’t Test and Observe the SERP Layouts for Your Most-Coveted Keywords
  9. You Haven’t Verified Your Schema for eCommerce
  10. Your Local Pages Are Missing Local Schema Markup
  11. Your Google My Business Is Underwhelming
  12. You’re Not Using Intent-Based Signals
  13. Google Finds Poor E-A-T Signals on Your Site — What’s E-A-T? Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness
  14. You Aren’t Studying Your Competition
  15. Your Content Isn’t Mapped to Normal Search Behavior

For ALL 15 of these common SEO ranking killers, Nik shared backgrounds, solutions, and best practices. Definitely watch the replay and download the slides to get the full info there. It’s crucial and full of small changes that can garner big wins.

Beyond the 15 SEO Fails and Fixes

It’s the holiday season so we’re adding more goodies, this time in the form of extra content: “Some Bonus Ideas for Fourth Quarter.”

This section included:

  • Creating winning holiday landing pages
  • Not getting penalized for out-of-stock items displayed on detail pages
  • Optimizing on-site search
  • Showing that you care by making charitable contributions
  • And more!

There’s Still Time to Make Winning Changes!

Remember that there’s still time to make a significant improvement in your Q4 performance. Grab the replay and the slides and get to work showing Google that you know what search engines (and your shoppers) want. And while you’re at it, find out where you really stand with your Google SEO and more advertising metrics. Get your free Google Ads Scorecard today.