Exclusive Concepts Success Story

A growing relationship
is born

One brand's journey from organic-only mARKETING to multichannel advertising

Exclusive Concepts Success Story

A growing relationship
is born

One brand's journey from organic-only management to multichannel advertising

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53% more organic traffic drove 35% more revenue
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Page 1 SERP increased 62% for non-branded keywords
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Expansion into PPC & PLA drove a 40% RoAS boost



The Exclusive Solution

Early stages of partnership

This leading maternity-wear merchant turned to EXCLUSIVE in January 2019. The brand sought to reduce the overall cost of acquisition by boosting organic traffic, increasing average order value, and ranking higher and more frequently for non-branded keywords. The goal was to increase new customer growth organically.

EXCLUSIVE quickly became acquainted with all aspects of the brand. This understanding allowed the EXCLUSIVE team to develop a winning strategy that targeted both head terms and tail keywords. The team also focused on website UX by reviewing heatmaps and user sessions. With this data, EXCLUSIVE targeted page elements that needed improvement.

Early Results

By month twelve, the client saw a 35% total revenue increase as a result of 53% more organic traffic and a 62% increase in non-branded keywords earning the brand placement on page one of the Google SERP. But this was just the beginning . . .

Growing from Organic
to Paid

The challenges were many, the solutions were complex. Exclusive made it easy.

Since remarketing is not allowed due to the industry’s privacy guidelines, the EXCLUSIVE team had its work cut out. Strategists and specialists created a comprehensive plan using cutting-edge technology, feed optimization (e.g., adding custom labels that would act as a key lever in the brand’s Google Shopping campaigns), proprietary tactics, and compelling ad creative.

EXCLUSIVE’s paid team went on to design search query funnels that solved the challenge of winning that all-important page-one placement in Google search results. Not only did the EXCLUSIVE team deliver page-one presence, it did so by matching the right product to the right search term.

Exclusive Strategists and specialists created a comprehensive plan using cutting-edge technology, feed optimization, proprietary tactics, and compelling ad creative

Reaching tHe Right Audience

EXCLUSIVE reviewed the client’s PPC and PLA efforts, noticing the brand was wasting spend on high-cost keywords that were not profitable. As well, mobile conversion rate was low even though mobile was the preferred device for the brand’s target audience.

Ad creative was developed for a variety of go-to-market initiatives, including product launches, special sales, and testimonials leveraging user-generated content. These beautiful, functional creative assets were programmed to appear at the right time to the right audience: the highly selective price-sensitive mom.

Exclusive Concepts delivers great google ad performance

Outstanding results

scalable, proven solutions

EXCLUSIVE and the brand felt confident in the winning combination of great people, customer understanding, unique ad strategy, and ingenuity that delivered these strong channel-level results. Even more powerful was the holistic approach — one provider working seamlessly and in harmony across paid and organic channels — that delivers bottom-line results like these. EXCLUSIVE is proven and continues to prove itself to be a digital-marketing leader every day.

Six months after launching paid campaigns, the results spoke for themselves

Paid Search Increase Revenue from PPC and PLA Increased

Exclusive Concepts produces great paid ad performance

traffic on key terms Also increased

Exclusive Concepts produces great keyword performance


A Trusted Partner in eCommerce

A Trusted Partner in eCommerce

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