You're Having a Webinar! – Email Thursday



Having a webinar? Well, you should be promoting it like a pro – learn how.

My name is Tim and I am the Senior Email Marketing Specialist at Exclusive Concepts. Today, I will cover the topic, “You’re having a Webinar!: How to use email to engage your audience before, during, and after an online presentation.”

A webinar is a significant investment in time and money. Even if your webinar is perfect to a T, there’s no guarantee that your event will be a success. And by success, I mean that the webinar will yield a significant number of highly qualified prospects to feed into your sales pipeline.

This is where email marketing comes into play. You can use email campaigns to push audiences to attend your presentation and sustain a high level of engagement after the event takes place.

This presentation will cover three tips and tricks on how to leverage email to promote your online event.

Rent a List

This first tip is extremely controversial. For most marketing efforts, renting a list results in an extremely low Return On Investment because the number of qualified leads is typically abysmal.

Renting a list is an approach that I would recommend if you are running into problems with low registrations for your webinar.

A webinar is a lot like a party – everybody wants to go where the action is. In a likewise manner, attrition rates tend to drop when attendees see that the webinar is attracting a good number of people.

Again, I must caution that this approach is extremely risky. Not only does a rented list run a lower-than-average Return On Investment (in terms of providing qualified leads), but you do not want to flood your email database with useless contacts.

Plan Accordingly

Again, a webinar is like a party. You don’t want to send your invites too early, or people will forget. You also do not want to send your invites too late, or people will make other plans.

When you are promoting your webinar, be sure to develop a calendar so that you can broadcast emails in a way that reminds people of your webinar.

In general, you want to create a well-paced broadcast schedule. In the weeks leading up to the webinar, you may want to broadcast a weekly promotion to your list.

However, in the week of your webinar, you may want to promote more than once to really get the point across.

Follow Up

Finally, don’t forget to use email to follow up with your registrants!

It is inevitable that the majority of your registrants will skip out on your webinar broadcast. In the days after the webinar, you should develop email campaigns to pursue those missed registrants and to engage attendees.
Just like the tiger on the hunt, the name of the game is to chase and catch these leads!

So what will give your pursuit some legs?