Yahoo Stores Blocked by Anti-Spam Group

By Scott

CNet reports that many shoppers who attempt to access a Yahoo Store (a popular platform for e-commerce websites) will get a quick lesson in how anti-spam initiatives.

The Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS) identified a particular Yahoo Store who was engaged in spamming, and in the process, blocked tens of thousands of others. That’s because Yahoo Stores use a single IP Address. By blocking one store, all Yahoo Stores were blocked.

A Yahoo representative is quoted as saying:

“We have a very solid spamming policy. We expect to be removed from the list later today.”

Margie Arbon, the director of operations at MAPS, said the issue “was likely to be resolved quickly?? as well.

My opinion: It happens… just another bi-product of ramped spam. It’s good to see that Yahoo and MAPS are working together to resolve the issue.

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