WordPress Abuses Search Engine Optimization – Online Marketing

By Herb

The yada yada yada: WordPress created really great open-source blogging tools, and recently decided to turn part of its site into a link farm, which is blatantly against all guidelines and rules given out by Google.

What’s wrong with wordpress’ online marketing strategy here (aside from everything)?
– They had a great pagerank already (8/10… which is HARD to get) why not just workhard to milk the pageviews or give incentives to their users to create better content? How about moving towards a more community-oriented, Live Journal feeling? You could put the best posts of the day on the frontpage so people can pick up traffic for writing great content- instead of using a link farm for “content.”

– The biggest problem with what WordPress did is that it decreased its relevancy on the web because the article/page links it was hosting were 100% unrelated to anything else the site offered. They were hosting articles written about viaticals, life insurance, and anything else with high Adwords bids, which helps make Adwords much less useful than it should be.

When you look for an SEO company or do SEO yourself or even host a blog to pay your cable/internet bill, please, be ethical. Produce great content, let your friends know about it, and keep at it, and you’ll start making money. The shortcuts only work long enough for Google to find you and delete you from their index like they’ve done with WordPress (as of right now).