Wildcard Friday – 5 Halloween Costumes for SEOs, Techies, and WEbbies

By Joe


The hardest working insects in the internet world. The one reason we have websites to surf and access to an inexhaustible amount of content ( besides Google of course). The internet spider. Spiders are computer programs that browse the web. Search engines use spiders to index websites and classify them according to their theme.

Canned Spam is no laughing matter. If your inbox has ever been flooded by annoying emails selling everything from magic pills to Number one rankings in Google overnight than you no what I am talking about. Lets celebrate the fact that just yesterday the largest spammer in the world SpamIT.org (a Russia based company) has just shut down. SpamIt and its CEO Igor A. Gusev are responsible for 20% of the worlds spam totaling 200 million emails a day. Igor is now on the run hiding out from the authorities. Lets hope he’s forced to eat spam everyday in his cell once he is brought in.

Wikipedia defines a zombie computer as “a computer connected to the net that has been compromised by a hacker, computer virus, or Trojan horse. Usually one of many in a botnet.” Those of you who recall the recent Nuclear facility attacks on Iran would be interested to know that these were used to compromise the facility. Funny I just read in the news that they are ready to meet with the UN to come to an agreement. I would say that in this instance Zombies actually worked for the good of mankind.

The eMale is the super hero responsible for making sure all your emails get delivered to the right inbox and in a timely manner. His arch villain being The Spammer. The E-Male is said to be the hardest working man in the world. He can speak over 300 languages but prefers his native tongue…Binary. When asked what is his favorite email platform he simply replied: “010011100110111101110100001000000110111″

And finally, to complete the list, the most hated supervillain in the SEO world. The black hat.
Black Hats have historically been depicted as villains. In the SEO world the Black Hats are those that cheat or manipulate the search engines for better rankings. I like to relate this to The Dark Side of the force. When Luke Skywalker asked Yoda “Is the Dark Side Stronger?” Yoda replied “No, No, No, No, Quicker, easier, more seductive.” I think that pretty much sums the Black hat up. Thanks Master Yoda.