Wildcard Friday – Your Content: Back it Up



My name is Elizabeth and I’m an SEO copywriter here at Exclusive Concepts. Today I’ll be talking about how adding certain things to your site back up your copy and create a buying mentality.

Copy is often considered one of the main things on a website that is thought to retain the customer. A product description contains all of the information the customer will need to know about a product, maybe some persuasive language and sometimes a description that’s engaging and reads like a story. But what happens when that’s not enough? The answer to that is actually…more copy…but in a different format. If the product’s picture and its copy are in the reader’s direct line of vision, then these are some things in their peripheral vision. Here are some opportunities that you may have already taken advantage of, but may want to work on to reinforce your category and product content.

  1. About Us – Almost every website has an “About Us” page. This is a chance to show your customers that there really is a person behind the e-commerce store. It’s a way, through your own words, to really say who you are and what you stand for. Show that you really are an authority on what you sell, but don’t come off as arrogant. It’s a great forum for you to make a connection to your customer.
  2. Blog /social media – This is a pretty obvious one, unless you’ve been living under a rock. Almost every valid website now has a blog, a Facebook page or a twitter account, along with countless other social media buzz. But if someone clicks on your Facebook account and they see you have 500 fans or if they see that quite a few people have “liked” it, then they’re more likely to feel better about purchasing your product. This is also a chance to post pictures and descriptions of new products, provide links to your blog or Twitter and more. And so the next one is…
  3. Social Proof – This is the concept that others guide our own actions. If you’re a runner and are looking at purchasing a pair of shorts from your online store, you’ll likely read the reviews on the product and think, “Hey! That guy’s a serious runner too. He bought the shorts so maybe I should.” Hopefully a second review will be written by this customer and the rest will follow suit. Reviews will usually mention if the product description was accurate. If the product description included something like “These shorts run a little large so order a size smaller than you normally would,” and the customer reinforces this in his review, your credibility factor goes up. This leads to my next point.
  4. Reviews – Some reviews may be bad, some may be good, but many times if reviews are vindictive or false, the reader will most likely see them for what they really are, especially if there are a lot of good reviews. Although not an e-commerce site, a good example is Yelp – a user review site where people review certain businesses and companies often closely monitor what people are saying about them. If a customer is dissatisfied and expressed that in a review, the business will often contact that customer to remedy the issue. I’ve read many Yelp reviews where a second review is written stating that the business contacted them and took care of the problem. This may also be a good approach for you.
  5. Testimonials – Websites sometimes display testimonials at a strategic buying phase or include them on a page all their own. Ideally they should specifically state what the buyer liked about the product, how it worked for them, and maybe highlight some value propositions – they enjoyed the free shipping and fast delivery time, the product was accurately described, etc. These are great for companies that offer products dealing with physical appearance like weight loss products, cosmetics and hair loss remedies. Testimonials show a personal experience with the product and usually detail it from the beginning to the end. Before and after photos back up the copy too. When real people write about their experiences, the claims you’re making about what you’re selling are validated.
  6. Guarantee – Online businesses realize they’re riskier than walking into a brick and mortar store and buying the same product there so it’s your job to reassure them. Offering a full refund with no questions asked, a solid return period, or paying to ship something back are great ways to create an atmosphere where the buyer will feel comfortable buying.

Well, that’s all for today and I hope that you’ve figured out a way to reinforce your content. If not, Exclusive Concepts offers a great copywriting service, as well as a variety of other services like Advanced SEO, Profitable Pay-Per-Click, Conversion Booster, and Lifecycle Email Marketing.

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