Wildcard Friday – What's Next for Yahoo?

By Joe


In recent headlines this week, Yahoo stirred up the world of search this week as the companies board fired their acting CEO Carol Bartz.

The moves comes after about 3 years as the companies chief executive officer.

Carol was brought in to spearheads Yahoo’s return to the top of search & regain ground that it once held from rival google.

Some would argue that their nemesis has only gotten stronger in this time and Yahoo has made it apparent that they need to make a major change.

From what I gather on various news sources including forbes and cnn, Bartz successfully was able to lower operating costs for the conglomerate as well as improve profit margins. However, where she failed was at increasing Yahoos overall bottom line as well as market share.

In her place as interim CEO is Yahoos Chief Financial Officer Tim Morse.

So based off of this major shake up, one can only speculate what is next for the search giant.

Many experts agree that Yahoo needs to do a better job of embracing itself as a Media company and not so much a portal as they originally began.

Some say that the CEO of Hulu Jason Kilar would make an excellent fit as CEO since he has done a great job positioning Hulus brand in this fashion while competing with the like of another google owned technology YouTube.